Nylon Tubing Clamp

In stock hypodermic tubing, stainlesss steel wire, nylon mesh and other laboratory and scientific products.

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clamps and accessories for tubing and hose installation, plastic tubing and hose cutters, clamps of nylon, stainless steel, Oetiker and worm gear clamps

Plastic Tubing (Rigid and Flexible PLASTIC TUBING & HOSE) Professional Plastics. Plastic tubing includes; Tygon, Teflon, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PVDF, Vinyl, Silicone, and

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Our Line Card – a 4 page overview of our products. Contains general information on our tubing, hose, fittings, clamps & accessories, as well as our custom and

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Braided Vinyl Tubing is sold by the foot. Just put in how many feet you need and we will send you a single piece that long. 1/2 Braided Vinyl Tubing ID: 1/2 OD: 0.728

All Items with QT, KT, GT or PT Suffix are Clam Shell Program Items. 30 Black Polypropylene Clips Secures Wiring Harness or Convoluted Tubing To Sheet Metal Backing

Plastic tubing, fittings, fabrication and single-use clean-room assembly. We stock silicone, Kynar PVDF, PTFE, FEP, PFA, LLDPE, PVC, TPE, ADIF polypropylene

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Colored Split Wire Loom / Flex Tubing : Flex tubing is an effective and inexpensive way to provide order and protection to cables around any home and office.

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USP Class VI, FDA grade, white nylon, hinged, plastic sanitary Clamp for bio-pharm, single-use systems, food/ beverage, laboratory, and FDA markets.

United States Plastic Corporation distributes industrial and commercial plastic products such as tanks, barrels, buckets, bags, tubing, plastic sheet, pvc pipe

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